Fuel Biocide

Wynn’s FUEL BIOCIDE is a curative as well as preventive treatment against the formation of micro-organisms in fuel.

  • Kills bacteria, algae and fungi.
  • Prevents microbial re-growth.
  • Is soluble in hydrocarbons and residual water.
  • Does not affect the fuel quality, is completely combustible.
  • Neutralizes acids, which could be produced by the micro-organisms. ü Prevents filter plugging by organisms.
  • Handy packaging with dosaging device on top.


To disinfect small fuel tanks (25 – 500 litres) of trucks, boats, vehicles and stationary engines.
For diesel engines.
Can also be used in biodiesel up to B20.
To prevent microbial contamination in all reservoirs, supply lines and filter.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Add the product just prior to refuelling.

1. Curative treatment (for disinfecting contaminated fuel tanks)
One bottle of 250 ml treats 250 litres of fuel.
Add 2 contents of the upper reservoir of the bottle to 50 litres of fuel.
Allow the product to work during minimum 3 days. It is recommended to filter the fuel afterwards in order to remove the deposits of the destroyed micro-organisms.

2. Preventive treatment (to prevent bacterial growth in fuel tanks)
One bottle of 250 ml treats 500 litres of fuel.
Add 1 content of the upper reservoir of the bottle to 50 litres of fuel.

The treatment frequency depends on the storage circumstances: weather conditions, temperatures and humid environment. (Fuel temperatures of 20 to 40°C, unfavourable weather conditions and the presence of water accelerate the fouling).

In case of unfavourable conditions (weather, heat, oxygen): add at each tank filling.


PN 10601 – 12x250 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/IT



The fuel system of a car is highly engineered and extremely sensitive to contamination. This contamination can increase engine noise, exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and reduce lubrication and engine power. Using Wynn’s Fuel treatments on a regular basis will help keep the fuel system clean and the engine operating efficiently, reducing your fuel consumption and cutting harmful emissions drastically. It will save you money and it is good for the environment!