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A success story since 1939

The story began in 1939 when Chestien Wynn’s, with a passion for chemistry, developed a formula to prevent friction between metal parts. Now, more than 80 years later, Wynn’s has grown into a global company, offering complete vehicle solutions for fuel, oil, coolant, disinfection and cleaning.

Wynn’s additives are a real alternative to costly mechanical repairs.

What our clients say

Pes I used this in my brothers diesel van as it had a flat spot on acceleration, and the flat stop is clearing steadily. We have used Wynn's product's for many years because they do the job.. I would recommend this. Pes R P White Very good indeed cleaned the DPF and turned off the EML ..highly recommended Bryan P. Actual Ace This is the first time I used this, it is brilliant. As soon as I put it in, the car was more quiet and is running real smooth.. I would recommend this to fellow drivers. Actual Ace silverbeatle1 Used this stuff since the late 1970's, it does what it says. silverbeatle1 jamesd6512 Have used Wynn’s products for over 40 years and have never had any problems. I would also recommend the oil additive which I have also used many times. jamesd6512 richardhsharker Water in a diesel fuel tank can enter via the pump or by condensation. Either way, in very cold weather this water can freeze in the fuel filter. This means your engine may not start.... Not good up in a mountain ! This stuff chemically removes the water allowing to pass through the filter, to be burnt in the engine. Good stuff. richardhsharker paintings64 I find it really makes a big difference to how my 2006 sprinter van runs. Loads more power and it sounds smoother and quieter and way less smoke from the exhaust system (pretty much zero!), it’s really good and well worth it. Will keep using this indefinitely. paintings64


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