Formula Gold Engine Treatment

High Performance

Wynn's High Performance Engine Treatment is a chemical treatment completely soluble in oil that has a double action:
1) Increases compression
2) Reduces wear

  • Helps extend engine life by reducing oxidation, friction and wear.
  • Improves compression and the viscosity index of the oil and prevents premature thickening of new oil.
  • Reduces the build-up of sludge and deposits and helps keep the oil system clean.
  • Reduces oil consumption and emissions.
  • Contains no solid particles.
  • Is compatible with all grades of engine oil and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications.
  • Does not harm catalytic converters.


Recommended for all new or used petrol or diesel cars.


Add to engine oil, preferably at or shortly after an oil change, without overfilling.
One 500 ml bottle treats 4 to 6 litres of oil.


PN 77101 – 12x500 ml – EN/FR/DE/NL/PT/ES/IT/EL/RU



City traffic, traffic jams and short drives lead to higher stress on today’s vehicles engines. Combined with too long oil change intervals, this can result in a premature degradation of oil properties and the engine components can cease to function normally in the oil system. Good lubrication is essential for your engine, but for some components such as the turbo it is crucial! Poor lubrication of the turbo can result in it jamming or being destroyed.

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