Airco Pure

Aircon Cleaner Royal Oud Scent

Wynn’s Airco-Pure is a bactericidal and fungicidal fluid for cleaning air conditioning systems, including the evaporator, and the interior of vehicles. It is packed in a spray can.

  • Highly effective cleaner for air conditioning system, including the evaporator.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours in the interior of vehicles.
  • Eliminates pollen and nicotine residues.
  • Eliminates microbes, mould and bacteria.
  • Can prevent allergic reactions: sneezing, colds, coughing, sore throats, irritation of the eyes, ...


For all air-conditioning systems and the interior of vehicles.


Please consult the technical info sheet


PN 38501 – 12x150 ml aerosol – EN/FR/AR/EL/IT



Bad smells, from the air-conditioning or lingering odours from food, pets, spillages, vomit and smoking can seriously reduce the comfort in your car and even be embarrassing when you have passengers. Wynn’s offers products that will remove and neutralize the odours in the car and cleans the air conditioning system.

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