Formula Gold Engine Treatment

Wynn's High Performance Engine Treatment is a chemical treatment completely soluble in oil that has a double action:
1) Increases compression
2) Reduces wear

Engine Stop Leak

Wynn’s Engine Stop Leak is a special blend of chemicals formulated to stop engine oil leaks and drips that can result from the drying out and shrinking of engine neoprene, rubber seals and O-rings.

Start-Stop Engine Protector

Wynn's Start-Stop Engine Protector is an oil supplement ensuring that a protective oil film remains on engine parts during the stop/start process.

Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment

Wynn’s Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment is an oil soluble supplement developed to clean away internal engine deposits that create noise and reduce efficiency.

Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner

Wynn’s Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak and Conditioner is an oil soluble supplement developed to stop and prevent leaks and ease shifting of automatic gearboxes and power steering systems.

Power Steering Stop Leak

Wynn's Power Steering Stop Leak is an oil soluble supplement to stop and prevent leaks in the power steering system.


Wynn's H.P.L.S. is a manual gearbox treatment which improves gear shifting, lowers gearbox noise and stops oil leaks.

Super Charge

Wynn’s Super Charge® Oil Treatment is a product which stops excessive oil consumption.

Stop Smoke

Reduces exhaust smoke due to oil burning.

Engine Flush

Wynn’s Engine Flush is a highly detergent concentrate, designed to clean all oil lubricating systems prior to oil change.



City traffic, traffic jams and short drives lead to higher stress on today’s vehicles engines. Combined with too long oil change intervals, this can result in a premature degradation of oil properties and the engine components can cease to function normally in the oil system. Good lubrication is essential for your engine, but for some components such as the turbo it is crucial! Poor lubrication of the turbo can result in it jamming or being destroyed.

Oil System