Glass Cleaner

WYNN´S GLASS CLEANER has been specifically developed to remove bugs, dirt, grease deposits, tobacco and vaping residues, and traffic film from windscreens, lights, mirrors, etc. For interior and exterior use. Contains NON-DRIP FORMULA that allows the product to remain in contact with the surface for a faster, and easier clean of the highest efficiency. The ENCAPSULATED TECHNOLOGY of the active ingredients helps to leave a smear-free finish and a fresh aroma.

Scratch Remover

WYNN´S SCRATCH REMOVER is formulated with dedicated, unique harmless fillers to remove swirling & light scratches, scuffs, swirls and discolouration. Safe for all paint finishes.

Tyre Shine

WYNN´S TYRE SHINE is a silicone-based product specially formulated to provide an immaculate and durable finish of the tyres with a premium wet look finish.
Its unique composition imparts a completely renewed look to the tyres while protecting them from UV degradation

Dash and Display Cleaner

WYNN´S DASH & DISPLAY CLEANER is a water-based product especially formulated to provide an immaculate and durable finish of the vehicle dashboard and liquid crystal, plasma, etc. displays.
It is especially suitable to clean fingerprints on touchscreens.
Its exclusive additive eliminates all types of dirt and it has no incompatibilities with the materials commonly used in dashboards nowadays.

Universal Degreaser

WYNN´S UNIVERSAL DEGREASER is a water-based formula with the exclusive NON-DRIP effect, designed to remove grease from all type of surfaces. It is water soluble for an easier and safer cleaning.
Its NON-DRIP feature allows a precise application, a much higher contact time between the product and the surface area to clean, either vertical or horizontal, and consequently, an optimal, faster and easier removal of any type of dirt.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

WYNN´S CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANER has been specially formulated with ODOUR-REMOVING TECHNOLOGY to clean fabrics and eliminate a wide range of bad smells, leaving a fresh fragrance.
The ACTIVE FOAM removes stubborn stains, refreshes tired fabrics, trims and carpets.
SPECIAL BRUSH included, perfectly suited for the materials to treat.

Dash Clean and Protect

WYNN´S DASH CLEAN & PROTECT cleans, restores and protects dashboards and interior trim. The ACTIVE FOAM FORMULA allows for precision application, avoiding overspray and contamination of the windscreen.
Its ANTI-STATIC properties fight against the build-up of. Effective on plastics, vinyl, rubber, leather and wood. Fresh, pleasant, citrus fragrance. SEMI-GLOSS finish.

Wheel Cleaner

WYNN´S WHEEL CLEANER is a water-based product of neutral pH with the COLOUR CHANGE & NON-DRIP exclusive properties.
The NON-DRIP formulation allows the product to remain in contact with the wheel surface for longer time, improving the cleaning action.
The COLOUR CHANGE feature serves as visual proof of performance, turning the wheel colour to red as it breaks down the dirt.

Tyre Fix

WYNN´S TYRE FIX is a temporary repair designed to get you home.



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